RSS Subscriptions to ELT Calendar

These RSS feeds are updated daily. You can use RSS feeds to add a calendar of ELT events to your blog, your website, your RSS reader, your news reader, and more.


RSS Upcoming Events for Teachers in Japan

This feed contains the next 15 events:

Alternative Atom XML format:

RSS Upcoming Conferences

The next ten upcoming ELT conferences. Most of the links go directly to the relevant organization site, rather than back to ELT Calendar:

RSS Calls for Papers

This feed contains deadlines for submitting proposals to conferences. Most of the links go to the relevant organization site, rather than back to ELT Calendar:

RSS Upcoming Events in Tokyo

Basic event information feed, but restricted to events in Tokyo:

RSS Upcoming Events for Teachers of Children

This RSS feed includes only events that are of interest to teachers of children. If you teach kids, this is the feed for you:

RSS Upcoming CALL Events

This RSS feed includes only events related to technology in language education. If you're interested in CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning), m-learning (mobile technology in classrooms), etc., subscribe to this feed:

RSSJapanese National Holidays

We built this feed to add national holiday notices to our Facebook page. It shows the upcoming holidays for the next week. The link goes to that date's page on ELT Calendar.

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What are RSS Feeds?

RSS is a quick & easy way for you to browse the headlines from your favorite websites. The RSS format is used to publish frequently-updated sites such as blogs, news, and event calendars. A standardized XML file format allows the website to publish the information in a data-only form, so many different programs can read the information.

You can learn more about RSS feeds from the Wikipedia page about RSS.

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How Do I Read RSS Feeds?

Some of the commonly-used RSS readers are:

You can find a complete list on Wikipedia.

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Help Adding RSS Feeds to Websites

If you run a blog or other type of site, chances are there's a way to add an RSS feed to your pages so that you'll show your visitors constantly changing, up-to-date information about events for language teachers.

You can see some examples of sites using our RSS feeds by checking out this section of our ELT Calendar Webservices page.

Below are some links to instructions for using RSS feeds with some popular website formats. If yours isn't listed, then search for 'add rss feed' and you should find some easy-to-follow instructions.

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Validate the RSS Feeds

To ensure that these RSS feeds are providing you with valid RSS code, you can click on the images below and an independent third party will evaluate the RSS XML or Atom Feed produced by ELT Calendar. You'll see immediately whether or not the RSS feed code is valid.

  • Upcoming events:
    [Valid RSS]
  • Upcoming events, Atom feed:
    [Valid Atom]
  • Upcoming events in Tokyo:
    [Valid RSS]
  • Upcoming CALL events:
    [Valid RSS]
  • Upcoming conferences:
    [Valid RSS]
  • Calls for Papers:
    [Valid RSS]
  • Teaching Children:
    [Valid RSS]

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Terms of Use

  • You can use these RSS feeds for personal use or for non-profit syndication (on your own website or blog). Websites using this content must be related to Japan, Asia or teaching English, and must not be of an "adult" nature. What we mean by "non-profit" is that your site is not selling the event info. Your site can be commericial and reap profit from incidental streams such as AdSense or other advertisements.
  • If you syndicate this information, you must leave the links intact and active, so that visitors can click on the links. (Please, no links via an intermediary forwarding page.)
  • This information is not to be sold or provided to others for a fee.
  • ELT Calendar reserves the right to decide if a particular website or usage is inappropriate. If we ask you to stop using the information, you must comply.

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