ELT Calendar Content Distribution

This page gives you an overview of the various ways that ELT Calendar distributes event information. Some of these are ways that you can subscribe to information, so that you can stay up to date without having to visit the site daily. Others are ways that you can distribute ELT Calendar information from your newsletter, blog, or website.

Add A Single Event to Your Calendar

This page is about subscribing to a steady stream of event information, but if you want to add only one event to your calendar, you can.

  1. Go to the full description page for the event.
  2. Scroll down a bit. Just above the "Contact" section, you'll see a row of buttons like these:
    don't click here, it's just an image
  3. Click the most relevant button, and you're done! (If your calendar isn't listed, try the iCal link first.)


news Email Newsletter

Sign up for our weekly email newsletter for a convenient weekly update on what's happening.


See our information page on RSS feeds to find out more.

iCal iCalendar

Visit the iCalendar page if you want to put our events into your iCal software, Google calendar, or various other online or desktop calendars.

Google Google Calendar

See the Google Calendar page for an easy way to put our events into your Google calendar.

Yahoo Yahoo! Calendar

See the Yahoo! Calendar page for instructions to add our events to your Yahoo! calendar.

Twitter Twitter

You can see us ("eltcal") on Twitter; follow us to get reminders of upcoming events and deadlines. You can follow from here by clicking this button:

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Facebook Facebook

ELT Calendar has a Facebook page: facebook.com/ELTCalendar. You can like us here:

The facebook page is set up to show some of our RSS feeds on its wall. If you "like" the page, you'll get status updates this way about upcoming conferences and calls for papers.

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news Newsletters

We have a text-only list of upcoming events that you can copy/paste into your newsletters.

JavaScript JavaScript

If you want to add event information to your website, but the RSS feeds are too complicated or intense, we do have a simpler option: customized JavaScript for your website. If you can copy/paste into your HTML, you'll have a calendar on your web page in minutes.


I mentioned above that we have various RSS feeds that you can subcribe to. RSS is also a powerfull way to put event information on your website or blog. See the examples of websites using ELT Calendar feeds below to see some examples of this. Our RSS page has a section on help adding RSS feeds to blogs.

Google Google Calendar

You can add a Google Calendar of ELT events to your website.

  1. First, create a Google Calendar of ELT Calendar events.
  2. Second, follow these instructions on Google's site.

Facebook Facebook and Twitter Twitter

To quickly tell your friends or colleagues about an event, you can share that information through Facebook and/or Twitter. In the top right of each event detail page, you'll find a row of buttons:
images of buttons
Click "Tweet" to start a post on Twitter. "Like" will post the basic event details on your Facebook page.

Posting to Twitter or Facebook is also a great way for you to help the event organization to publicise the event. This kind of grass-roots support can really help make an event successful.

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Examples of Other Websites

Other websites carry ELT Calendar information by using one or more of the options that are described above. The list below does not include all of them, but it's a representative sample.

Fukuoka JALT
ELT News

Websites Using Our iCalendar feed

  • Okinawa JALT uses our iCalendar data for conferences and conference calls for papers deadlines with Google Calendar, and integrates it with their own Google Calendar event information (photo) It's well done. (Scroll up a bit to the "Google Calendar" section for how to do this.)
  • JALT's Okayama chapter uses the iCalendar data to put a Google Calendar on their web site (photo).

Websites Using Our RSS Feeds

Websites Using Our JavaScript Code

Newsletter Content

  • Several groups use ELT Calendar content in their email newsletters, including Kitakyushu JALT (see photo), Fukuoka JALT, and David Paul's Language Teaching Professionals.
  • You can copy content here to paste into your newsletters.