ELT Calendar Webservices

Add content to your website

This JavaScript code is probably the easiest way to add ELT Calendar event information to your site, but it's not the only way. You can see some examples of other websites that use ELT Calendar information.

Fukuoka JALT

Make your choices below and click "submit" to create the code for your website. Copy the code, paste it into the HTML of your website, and you'll have a listing of upcoming events for language teachers right on your own web page. See an example of a site (Fukuoka JALT Chapter's website) using this code to show upcoming events from only one prefecture.

Customize the output: Change as many as you want to of the four options below. To show the maximum number of events, only choose "14" for days; this works well except during 'dry' months such as August and late December-early January.


You can limit the listing to only one prefecture:


If you want to limit the number of days, choose a number below. Doing this may give you a large number of events shown, depending on the season.

Number of events

The default (standard) is 7 events shown or all the events within the "Days" selected above. If you'd like to limit the number of events to a specific number, choose a number below.


If you'd like to restrict your list to only one group, you can. Two of the most active groups are listed below; if you want a different group, email us.